Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"

Use #2, but 4 kicks major ass

#4 would be my choice, but #2 would sound better at the front page of a web site... But anything is better than the music curently on NG front page... O, THESE DAMN ADS THAT POP UP EVERY 10 SECONDS ARE PISSING ME OFF!!! ID REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF THEY WERE DELAYED MUCH MORE!!


It's the track 2 man, that is better than all of them combined, great idea!!!

#2 or 5...

I think that track 4 kicks ass, but 2 and 5 seem to fit the mood of the opening portal page better. So keeping the purpose of the vote in mind, I'll have to go with either 2 or 5.

Reviews on all Loops

Loop #1 : Bad beat in the middle (where the breakbeat stops) and it just sounds bad.
Loop #2 : A remix of the current Portal music which is very well done.
Loop #3 : I love this loop for some reason. The sound quality could be better on it, however.
Loop #4 : Has the same tone as 3 (The chimes) but with alot more flair. Kinda reminds me of Perfect Dark music.
Loop #5 : Tribal beats with some good tones, but a tad too loud and blaring, which could become a nusiance VERY quickly.

My pick(s) - 3 and 4.

Yea right

Song number 4 is better.