Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"


#3 and #4 sound cool so urr can i have a double vote?

# 5 Is the best

i think u guys should use # 5 as the new NG music!

Number Five

I was orginally going to choose number 2 since it's a catchier remix of the current portal theme. But it'll probably start getting on some nerves sooner or later. Numbers 3 and especially 4 are good, but hey don't seem to fit into the portal from a personal perspective. Number 1, although quick and fast, doesn't catch my attention. Tihs is why I went with 5; good beat and pace and keeps me interested. I also think it'll fit in well with the portal.

3 or 4

1 and 5 are too manic. Not too good for the NG stoner massive...


Loop 3 has a nice ambiance with it, but might not lend itself to the Portal as much as 5, which is definitely the easiest to listen for a long stretch. I noticed that loops 1 and 2 are basically remixes of the current Portal music.