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Reviews for "Breaking Bad Tribute"

A 4.85 is one of the highest scores I've seen here and it certainly shows! It really does make me realize about what it takes to draw live-action figures. I am just so used to cartoons. You managed to be so wonderfully realistic with this. I wish I watched the show enough to know all the characters here. It's impossible for someone like me to not know ANYTHING about it.

That reminds me, I just missing watching the show tonight... Oh well, this is just wonderful to look at. Your other art pieces look fantastic as well. It reminds me of classic movie posters. The blue aura is just flawless. They seem to look vaguely yellow too.

awesome artwork n__n!! love it
- Pandasticality


Hal from Malcom in the Middle & Walter White... I love both caracters, great job man

That detail doe!