Reviews for "Kingdumb hearts 2 trailer"

Riku hates Mickey HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I love Kingdom Hearts so no friking duh im gonna like it but wat really me offwas that riku had a keyblade i mean in the game he gets a keyblade for 2 seconds but after that he gets a sword called Soul Eater so play the game before u make the Flas but other than that it was funny and violent


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! okay, i'm done with that, you should make more stuff like this, actiony in the begining, and mess up towards the end


It was sweet.


your wrong its not released in the fall 2005, it got delayed to spring 2006 in april.

I hate you

First of all You shall die, Second, you suck at flash, Third, Kingdom Hearts is more important than your life. Your gay and you made a stupid flash, congratulations 0 for you!