Reviews for "Kingdumb hearts 2 trailer"


ok it was nice. that keyblade was small man. oh and the hair color is yellow not blue.make kingdumb hearts 2 soon, i wish you luck. oh and i already know this is a parody of the trailer.

Big_ guns no man... just no.

To the previous dude.
Big guns what are you talking about?
I know it wasn't funny but its alot better then what you've done.
Then again you havn't done any flash movies have you?
You can't say he sucks just because he can do something you can't.
Also when has animation skills ever affected your age?
I mean from the sounds of it this is what your trying to say.
Oh when your a kid you can't do any flash. You just suck at it.
But when you suddenly turn 16 your a flash god?
Now thats sad.
So if your going to complain at least have some better reasons.

uhh gay

gayest animation iv ever seen, really really amuteur crap it sucked bad u suck really badly n so did this its not even funny your probly some kind of sadass little kid co that sucked really really bad

hey wait a muinute this reminds me of.......

hey i have kingdom hearts 2 and this is one of roxas's dreams cool great job

The best thing the world have ever seen.

Seriously. It's hilarious! I saw your Kingdumb Hearts, and Chain of Memories ( was it? ) part one and part two. I can't wait until your Kingdumb Hearts 2 flash comes out. Its so funny! Keep working on it.
I'm out.