Reviews for "Kingdumb hearts 2 trailer"

mild language perhaps?

it was funny but the song wasn't really apropriate for all ages, should be teen.

Haha! Good Ending!

That was cool! Nice art-work!


What the hell's with all these little KH fans that think, just because he isn't supporting the game he's being mean to me.
That irritates me, seriously.

Look people, it's a perfectly humerous flash and there's NOTHING wrong with it, okay?
And no I'm not a KH hater, in fact I've been a rabid fan since 98/99 when the first japanese screenshots were released, but it's rediculious to be offended by someone just because they make a bit of fun at a game you like.

Seriously, I thought it was funny, didn't match up, but hey, it was hard to tell what the hell was going on in that scene anyway.

I love Sora to death too, but yeah, I could see him being all 'Oooh, watch me fly all shiney like!' But in his mind he's screaming, 'Wee! 8D'

I like it, and I don't think it's mean, stupid or offensive at all.
Keep it up!


funny and good sortof a tribute but points out funny stuff at the same time

((( VERY NICE )))

Very impressed with this, it has stile, and some good grapghics, the file was not that large and not too small but could be compressed just abit, anyways nice work, keep it coming...

Onlything i can really see would abit of compressing...

A good flash lots of stuff going on and good graphics, nice work...