Reviews for "Kingdumb hearts 2 trailer"


Kingdom Hearts is way better than anything you can or will ever create.. i think you are just mad because they havnt brought out kingdom hearts 2 after 2 years of a trailer.. and you just wanna play it! its ok! you will get your chance little buddy!


I thought something funny was going to happened, but then the movie ended. Sorry it was boring........


Why do this? o_O;;
The Kingdom Hearts II trailers weren't stupid and really didn't need to be mocked.. >_>;;
And even if you think they did, you kinda changed things up too much for it to be funny. =/

Could of been better

....but good job still

good, but it could be funnier.

Actually, the fighter was an unknown character, Riku was on top of the building, blindfolded. Then the fighter chucks one of his blades to Riku. It might have been funny if Riku was blinly walking to the edge of the building, not knowing what the fuck he is doing, then BHK(that's how everyone calls him, Blonde Haired Kid) passes the Oblivion and Riku is whacked in the face. When he feels it's a keyblade SMIIIILE and then walks off the edge, bashing heads with BHK(the "pook" sound), then he falls further. A coutdown begins "XIII: he's gonna crash; XII: he's such a loser; XI: who is loser, you ask?; X: they are the non-popular ones(skip)4: okay, now he's gonna crash! III: sorry, out of ideas. Hey, maybe you could also make a trial of Vexen, Laxaeus and Zexion vs Marluxia, Axel is Vexen & co's lawyer and DiZ is Marluxia's, with Enigmatic Man beign the judge..."that is a strong argument, DiZ...or should I say...ANSEM!!!(crowd gasps) yeah...oh, almost forgot:KILLZODYKILLZODY(yup, it's me)KILLZODYKILLZODY

RogerregoRRoger responds:

your description confuses me even more then the orignal trailer did.