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Reviews for "The Dudette Next Door"


wow thats a piece of work the music was intergrated perfectly and i havent seen something that good for a really long time way to go man=D


Kickass dude! That was freakin' awsome in the end when they beat the shit out of each other and she turned out to be lebian.... so hott <3. Keep it up dude.


I have no problems with this movie.. But what's with the C&C Nod symbol at the end of the credits? (beside the guy with the "slut" speech bubble)

Almost to the point of being too true.

Wow, honestly, I can't think of anything that could happen that would upset me more. Other then having my Dawn Of War taken away, or my Winter Assault pre-order being cancelled. But seriously, lesbians aren't really that great. Playing along is more fun than watching. ;)

Hot Stuff ;P

That was some hot sstuff u got up here, it was really cool, and real funny ;P also the ending ;D that was really cool, but the guys "could" have been drawn better, but for me it didnt matter, as long as the girls are good drawn, and sexy ;P l8t3r