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Reviews for "The Dudette Next Door"

Good Good

Its a good film, but it wouldve been better if only they were both Bisexual and I wouldve come in the story !!! Hehehehe! Okay I'Ll stop cause I sound Like a guy In need :S Which Isn't .. SUCKERS! :P


haha thats a great movie

Not bad

I missed a few bits of it, but from what I saw it was some good stuff. Really good use of sound. Hope to see more of your flash soon.

Great flash! pretty simle and fun to watch.

Alright flash but the bit that really made me laugh for 5 mins was the end sceth, the boob annotations and the Brotherhood of Nod symbol behind the guy. it was just funny :D good job!


Fuckin Hillarious you should of had some big black guy or me come and take her away with a nother girl (minage au trois) heh heh heh