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Reviews for "The Dudette Next Door"


That was really funny, good job!

*if you watch the credits, and look at the drawing, down where the little drawing of Tord is, there's a little drawing of the Brotherhood of Nod symbol from Command and Conquer


...that was awesome, unexpected, and ironic all at the same time.

anyways cool storyline slightly perverted ending though. 10/10 5/5


There heart didn't broke well they did but one thing got bigger THERE PE'''

Pretty good dudes...and dudette

Pardon the terrible pun but I liked this flash, remind me a lil bit of past experiences, but is that a Nod insignia in the back? D*** I miss Tord, we could've taken down GDI together

is Tord Norwegian, or how ever thats spelt?

he doesn't sound like you guys, and he sounds Norwegian.