Reviews for "Streetlights Love the Rain"


At first I was about to be like, what the fuck... how did this piece get in. Then it picked up, so sorry about my first thoughts of the piece maybe that means change the intro a bit.

Once it picked up, things got a shitload better, and the entire song was amazing. I enjoyed the guitar, it sounded great with the beats.

Great work!


I am sorry, but your melody is perfect...
It can be so much... it can be about love, or about pain, about the fact that everything is going to be alright...
You are a genius, I have no words.
When I was listening to this song, I was in pain, and this song just, played on and on and on for 3 hours... I didn't get tired of it...
I thank you, from the very depths of my heart.
Thank you.

Think of this....

Think of this in a movie or antimation.

The Famle/Male Antihero:
"It has been raining for days by now. The drops relentlessly beating down on those who dare to step out side. I can't even remeber how long I have been out here. Besides I don't care."

-The hero is slowly walking down the dark streets of the city, and stops under a sreet light-

The Famle/Male Antihero:
"You know it is just one of those days that you should have better stayed in bed."

-The hero lights a cigarette, inhaling, then exhales, letting the smoke slowly escape his/her mouth-

"In any case... I got a job to do..."

-The here walks on drawing his/her wepao from the inside of the long trench coat he/she is wearing. Headed for some tall building. Once the hero enters the building, flash back to the events that caused what is happening.-

Yeah that would totally work out. And I have to agree with Falonefal. This song could be used for many diffrent moods, depending on how thigns are said, this can go anywhere.

Great work! Keep it coming! I will be there to comment.
(I am kinda urged to make a voice acting reel with this song.)


Very atmospheric...

I like it, it brings me in the perfect mood for writing the background of my Pen and Paper Steampunk Setting...

Dark and silently growing...

Ide love to write and record some lyrics for this! Still using lots of newgrounds music for my youtube videos! You always make great stuff, so talented you are! If i do end up making lyrics and recording it ide send it to you before i post it on anything. Keep up the good work, the art, music, the series, you are amazing.