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Reviews for "Big Mac"

People plz stop hating on Shad :Y
Shadman I love ur work, keep doing what your doing :)

Screw you, Shad. Some time ago you were a good artist, and now you just draw f*cking ponies with goddamn dicks. What the hell is wrong with you, why so much dick-love?!

Well now, that's some nasty horse junk right there! XD
I'm not really into the horse thing, literally, but this is really well drawn.
I do wish that there was more to the background however.
But maybe he's just rolling around in the dirt, at the farm, in the barn haha.
Great work!

Is that really how horse penises work?

Oh my... o,o
Other guy: Someone has a boner! :D
btw love the way his rose-bud sticks out ;3