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Reviews for "Routine"


This piece of art 100% succeeds at delivering it's message to the viewer, and it has a good touching story too. I just love it.

Excellent Work!

This movie reminds us that sometimes to make things better you've got to take a chance and make some changes. Great graphics and style!

Wake up

I loved "groundhog day", and the animation was very good.
Now, please, make something new in episode n2: the devorce, maybe, or a degeneration "the war of the roses"-like. Your love american style is quite boring.


A real inspirational movie. I'm glad sometimes ppl, even cartoon ones, go after their dreams before it is too late :)

very inspirational

so is the american society. people chained to jobs they hate so they can barely make a living.

following your dreams though does usually take a massive amount of work. but its damn well worth it when it happens.

nice flash man im very impressed