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Reviews for "Routine"


Best clip ever! Make more like this please!


-Most people when worn down by their jobs take a vacation. This guy looked more like he was starting to self-destruct. If his job was making him miserable, why didn't he simply quit? Why did he take it in the first place? And why did his wife leave him simply because he made a career move she disapproved of?

-Everybody follows routines, whether they are imposed by the self or by the outside world. I can't really say the protagonist's job was dehumanizing if I don't know what he did for a living. And if it oppressed him so much that probably had more to do with his personality rather than his job. Some people find routine stifling; some don't.


I loved it. The animation flowed very smooth, and everything looked very nice. Can't believe I am just now finding this!

Very good

His briefcase-surfing arrival is just epic ^^

good work, keep it up

good movie, and the message you give is rather deeply...
i like it!