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Reviews for "Routine"

Bloody awesome!

That was a very good flash cartoon. Its my favourite I have to keep watching and the soundtrack is mad.


Very nice flash. Well done!

Really good

Man, it's kind of funny how much I could relate to this cartoon. You did a good job with it and should keep doing what you do.

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

This flash was so touching. The way the routine progressed and got more and more blurred made me feel the mindnumbing monotony. The craziness was well-done, with the ties, coming in late, and sliding around on the briefcase. The worn patches in the carpet were beautiful symbolism, made whole by the new carpet at the end. It had a happy ending too. Good choice of music, colors (drab and mind-numbing!), and all around artisticness (is that a word?). This is definitely going into my favorites list! Like I said- beautiful.

One of the best on Newgrounds

Its not often that i take time to write a review anymore. After checking out flash on this website for over 2 years I think i have seen most of it. Unless the occasional masterpiece stops by, like its the case here.

A movie about chosing who you are, about brushing teeth, waking to work, picking a tie, handling the routine. Pretty good in its concept, even better in its execution. There arent alot of flaws here so ill just make a sum list of all the pros i found and enjoyed.

One thing that immediately jumps in the eye is the careful eye for detail in the backgrounds. Its amazing how you can make a visually wonderful flash with simple characters but atmospheric backgrounds. Its one of the secrets of making creme de la creme flash actually. Imagine brackenwood, there she is or fallen angel without the backgrounds.

What i also loved was how you allmost literally managed to have the viewer experience the routine. Untalented people with the same ambitious idea in mind simply animate 1 day in the life of the main character and expect the viewer to understand he has a boring life by giving him a sad face. You on the other hand managed to make the routinious life almost annoying, unbearable by animating the same scenes over and over again. By paying enormous detail on the boring detail. An approach that can be extremely effective (as i also used in Autumn Tree)

The fun you had in animating this simply shines off the product. From the cleverly designed logo on the application form to the unique and hilarious ties in his wardrobe. Not to mention the detailed street and work environment. There is a minor flaw here which I feel like i should point out. The perspectives when the man walks outside are a bit off. The man is a bit too big in proportion to the houses. But really this is peanuts.

One thing that could have made this an even bigger masterpiece is if you animated the citylife also. Cars riding, business men walking... I know its very hard, but trust me, its very rewarding. Would be cool if you would have a peak at the new newgrounds TimeTrial, in which i try to tackle this problem (will be out somewhere end of october).

Overall an extremely good movie. Everything matches, the style, the music, the concept. I wonder what your next project will be, because i personally think something like this should only be made one time by the same artist. Meh maybe im wrong. Doesnt matter, just keep up the awesome work and make some more flashes that i can add to my small favorite list