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Reviews for "Routine"

It was a nice watch, I enjoyed it. good job

I thought it was lovely.

I don't care if you're 'too young to know about these things' or if it wasn't logical for the wife to leave him just because of a job. The point is, routine can be a dangerous thing. It's just another way to push down on freedom. Well, that's just my viewpoint, anyway. Good job, the animation and storyline was really good, you really feel for the main character. :3


i love the music in this. its a little sad, thats what i like about it.

This sixflab guy is clearly too young to know...

This sixflab guy is clearly too young to know how life works. Looks like his profile claims he's 19, so that's confirmed. The first half of his review is just completely wrong. The second half of his post, he seems to actually have taken a psychology course in his college career (one psychology course and you understand the world!).

"Most people when worn down by their jobs take a vacation."

This is so far from accurate its ridiculous. First, not everyone can afford to take a vacation. Second, their job may not let them take a vacation because they are understaffed (yes this is illegal, but its an implied social thing).

"If his job was making him miserable, why didn't he simply quit?"

Well the biggest reason is that it doesn't instantly make your miserable its a slow degradation, so you may not realize it. And again, there could be financial situations or a feeling of social obligation to fulfill his duty.

"Why did he take it in the first place?"

Money, job changed after he took it, he didn't know what it was like when he took it, etc

"And why did his wife leave him simply because he made a career move she disapproved of?"

She left him because he was becoming nothing.

Looks like you've realized a few of these things since you made your first post and apparently lost your job (if I'm reading between the lines correctly).

From sixflab on Feb 4th, 2011: "Well my life has been rather hectic lately and with working 40 hours a week plus going to school it kind of burned me out mentally and physically. I probably pissed some people off [...] End result I took some time off to bring things back together. [...] I did have to use some of the money I had saved up but it was worth it since I was able to get into a more stable environment. Pretty much back into doing everything that I like to do and enjoy doing."

I don't quite believe you are going to school and working full time unless you are going to school part time. I did the reverse of that at a respectable school where it was school full time plus a big company part time and I never had free time to get "back into doing everything that I like to do and enjoy doing." Plus I'm sure your parents are funding you now that you aren't working "40 hours" a week.

Note how sixflab did exactly some of the things he didn't understand why someone would do? He ended up mentally and physically exhausted when he could have changed it. He was clearly trapped by the slow degradation.

I have to commend you for following your own advice (if you weren't really just fired).

--Just Thought You Should Know--

That this flash inspired me to enter a new field and do what I love.

--Thank you for that calco--