Reviews for "Dreaming Out Loud (Tilky Mix)"

im feeling good

Iv had this looping for about 20 min now. Very nice. Never gets old for me. I especially like the hats. Music is your life, i can tell. Question: What program was used to create this?

Tilkanuts responds:

I actually had that happen to me not too long ago. It looped for at least 10 minutes without me noticing.

Yes my life has very much been inspired by music!

I used Fruity Loops Studio 8 to create this.

Thanks for the review, and i'm glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

- Tilky


I quite like it, it has a good flow and the guitar is of high quality and quite catchy. Although I think it was a bit repetitive with the melody, even though you changed chords.

It has a modern beat which doesn't quite fit the classical genre but I guess this could be somehow incorporated into classical. I think this would fit the "Rock" or "Pop" genre more. Just a suggestion :].

Tilkanuts responds:

Yeah i love the guitar in it too ^_^

It is a little repetitive, but i think its perfect for something to set on repeat on your mp3 player as your about to go to sleep or something. It's pretty lulling when you think about it.

I don't know why people care so much about the genre. If it's in classical, great. If it's in rock, great. Pop? great. What is the difference? Since when did people start judging music because it doesn't belong in the right genre? It's music!!!!!!! Just listen to it and enjoy it! Who cares how it's categorized?

Anyway, that's my opinion. Thanks for the review nonetheless, and i'm happy that you enjoyed it ^_^

- Tilky


if tis is a clasic tan im intoclassic
music now
11 outta 10 from me
and a 6 outta 5 if possible

Tilkanuts responds:

Thanks for the review ^_^

Not Classical

Not sure what your definition of classical is.

I don't generally review songs that I severely dislike, but I had to know what you were thinking.

You have potential, but this hardly shows it, and the Guitar killed it for me.

Tilkanuts responds:

Ok?........ lets take a look at your review.

'Not sure what your definition of classical is.' - Well then smart ass, where the crap should i put it? hmmm???? I figure if its anything close to anything on here, it's classical.

'I don't generally review songs that I severely dislike, but I had to know what you were thinking.' - It's not my fault someone crapped in your cornflakes this morning mister satanic demon from hell, and you gave me no description as to what you want me to say as to 'what i was thinking'

'You have potential' - Oh so now your trying to make up the fact that your a dick by saying i have potential?

'but this hardly shows it' Oh..........uh..........guess not : /

'and the Guitar killed it for me.' - That could go either way....... did you mean kill as in I i killed the guitar and that's an awesomely sick thing? Or that the guitar was the worst part? Because most people that listen to this piece think the Guitar is the BEST part of this piece, therefore you are not from this world if it killed it (negatively) for you. Oh...yeah...right.... your just some satanic demon from hell who had their cornflakes crapped in this morning

Chill loop

But it's extremly repetive.
If u putted more effort to ur songs, i would "let" u get top 5 in my opinion :]

5/5 Nice loop

Tilkanuts responds:

I don't know what you just said, but uh..... thanks anyway? lol