Reviews for "Dreaming Out Loud (Tilky Mix)"

Not to sound like a dick

But I don't quite think this is a classical song. But just because it isn't doesn't mean it's not a nice song. I really loved the flow of it, and it had a nice balance between all the instruments. Good job with it.

I like how the guitar has the melody, and that the violins(?) are in the background along with the drums. It's a nice match, and it sounds really beautiful.

Now while it does sounds really nice, I think that it's a tad bit repetitive. I would have liked for you to mix it up a bit, maybe let the violins get some part of the melody or something. I do like that you add in something different later though at around :40. I have no idea what it is, but it adds to the relaxing mood that the song has.

Tilkanuts responds:

Thanks for reviewing!

- Tilky


I was listenin to this while i was doin algebra 3 homework. It actually made me feel better. Rep to you. Keep this up.

Tilkanuts responds:

Dude...........just knowing someone accross the world is listening to this piece to help them relax a little while doing algebra 3 homework makes making music all worthwhile.

Thank you for the review! ^_^

- Tilky

I liked this

It's worth listening too.

Tilkanuts responds:

It is isn't it? ^_^


- Tilky


I dont know about other people but i find this song quite relaxing.
There is a little thing that bothers me if i may notice.
I suggest that you try to make the bass a little smoother and it would be "really really relaxing" its now just relaxing. Bass currently seems to stick out.
Anyways really nice song and vibrephone melody really fits into all this making the song interesting.

Tilkanuts responds:

Yes i do agree, the bass does stick out, but the bass is one of my favorite parts in this piece, so i intended it to stick out a little.

Anyway, thanks for reviewing!

- Tilky

Nice piece

Ignore foxtrot-zero below, he seems to have an issue with people picking genres, no matter if it fits or not.

Anyhow, Good song, really sounds professional. I'm impressed. Also, I agree you don't notice it looping.


Tilkanuts responds:

yeah i figured as much, lol. Oh well.

Thanks for reviewing! ^_^

- Tilky