Reviews for "Dreaming Out Loud (Tilky Mix)"

Amazing quality.

Did you record the bass with a real instrument or are you using some sort of vsti (which one, if so?)

Tilkanuts responds:

I used a VST called Slayer2 for the bass.

Thanks for reviewing!

- Tilky

Its not to bad.

I think what stands the most to me is the bass. Its well produced. Could use some slight fixes here and there in the mastering, and is pretty simple for what the song is. However sometimes simple is good. So all in all good work and congrats on the top five!


Tilkanuts responds:

Thanks again Wyldfyre! It means a lot.

- Tilky

I think I found this on soundscape if not

please do correct me...
Anyway, Love the song...at first I didn't even notice it was a loop until an hour later I'm like "Okay, this song cannot be this long" XD
It repeats so nicely and smoothly I never would've noticed if I hadn't been broken from my trance!
I really can't wait to hear what else you have in store!
Good luck and all :3

Tilkanuts responds:

Soundscape is the name of the album Dancing Fantasy came out with. The first track is Dreaming Out Loud, and this is my Loop/remake of it.

Lol apparently this song does that to people O_O
It's exactly how I intended it to happen though, and I'm happy that it's worked out the way it has.

Thank you for reviewing!

- Tilky

NIcely done, soothing.

It was very soothing to listen to while I was working, the loop has a fluid transition when it replays; I found out I was listening to this piece for nearly 30 minutes straight! I believe this song does a very great job in calming people when working on anything. Though I feel it doesn't really belong in the 'classic' category, more ambient-ish/techno, because of its tad repetitiveness. But that is the element that makes me love this song.
I look forward to more works in the future! :3

Tilkanuts responds:

I do agree that it is very soothing.

All right, you've all convinced me. I've gotten so many reviews to change it from classical, it is now going into the Ambient genre.

Thanks for the review and I'm glad it was able to sooth your work flow. Comments like these are extremely awesome to receive as an artist and i appreciate the time you took out to review it.

- Tilky

good but

i think its techno or smooth jazz in a way other than that good make more

Tilkanuts responds:

It is smooth jazz..........definitely not techno. But who cares?

Thanks for reviewing :)

- Tilky