Reviews for "Dreaming Out Loud (Tilky Mix)"


I listened to this piece of music for two hours straight as I completed my homework. I had left Newgrounds on with this song playing and I had not even noticed. It was so Soothing and relaxing and helped me concentrate.

The transition between beginning and end of the loop was so smooth that I didn't even notice that it restarted. I fished up my old account just so that I could write a review on this piece.

Only reason that this piece does not get a 10 out of 10 is that this piece was in fact a remake. I cannot give full credit to a song that is not completely original. Sorry but I hope you understand.

DEFINATELY a keeper. Great remake!!!

Tilkanuts responds:

Thanks for reviewing!

Don't worry man, i understand. An Eight for Effort will suffice :)
Happy to know it helped you concentrate on your homework! ^_^ That's the kind of stuff this piece was meant for, to help sooth and relax.

- Tilky

Great song!

I love this song, and I'm not just saying that. I frequent the audio portal because I'm always working on some kind of project at my workbench and it's great to have music whilst you work. This is one of the few songs I've reviewed only because I truly like it that much.

I'm currently making a scale replica of the Plasma Cutter from Dead Space and had this on while I worked. It kept me working and I hardly noticed the loop when I was into my work. After a few times through I noticed my head beginning to bob a little and after 10 or 15 loops I was mouthing the drum and bass line beatbox style.

It's an infectious song that starts at just the right tempo and maintains it the whole song. It has a solid base that it keeps throughout the whole song while at the same time mixing it up and keeping it interesting. Kudos, 5/5 and 10/10.

Tilkanuts responds:

Thanks for reviewing! It means a lot to know that someone who rarely reviews music on here was inspired enough by this piece to review it.

Lol i can sooooo see that happening (the bobbing and beatboxing)
I'm glad it kept you working.

Thanks again! :)

- Tilky

Well done

This is actually quite a nice track. Its got some great elements to it: Guitar, the sound effects in the background (is that keyboard I'm assuming?), and drums which I think make up the majority of great songs. The only reason I gave this a 9 instead of a 10 is that the song isn't that long, and there is no bridge or change in tempo or melody or whatever you want to call it. Otherwise great track and I downloaded it too. I'll be sure to check out some of your other works if you have any.

- Kevin

Tilkanuts responds:

Thanks for reviewing! I'm glad you liked it!

Well in my defense it's not suppose to be listened to as a song, but as a loop, otherwise it will sound too short. It's also suppose to be listened to as an ambient piece, otherwise it will sound too repetitive.

It was just something I wanted to create to help calm people and make them feel at ease, so i didn't want to complicate it too much, and I believe it turned out nicely.

Again, thanks for reviewing! I really appreciate it.

- Tilky


Hmmm... Very nice sounds I can hear! This is an almost perfect ambient, quite relaxing, well done! You know, we sometimes need to get back to natural, to hear again the genuine instruments that delighted us so many decades, now we are too stuck in these trancy housy beats :P
As I have a weakness for guitars, undoubtedly the guitar loop kept most of my attention, but, obviously, all the patterns were very well mixed together. GJ ! ;)

Tilkanuts responds:

Thank you for reviewing! :)

- Tilky


How the F is this classical???

Oh well, it sounds nice though, gj :)

Tilkanuts responds:

Changed to Ambient a while back, still says classical on front page though : /
Dunno what to do about it.

Thanks for reviewing.

- Tilky