Reviews for "Dreaming Out Loud (Tilky Mix)"

reminds me on this one part of a 80s song " don't you, forget about me" 01:11 "rain keep fallin, rain keeps fallin, down, down, down."

ok ight i dig this 5stars

i like the guitar and beat its catchy. Also nice melody and piano that comes in it . I love it dude 5th time i listened to it.

soothing and even

Its great music for doing homework to because its not horribley distracting like heavy metal. Its very plesent and contiuing.

I hate people who talk like the kid below me.

But regarding your song, err... loop, nicely done, ambient indeed :)


DAMN DUDE the only way i could tell this was a loop was by watching the timer im like how the hell does he do that im highly impressed and i only comment on things i like and am a HUGE fan of and this got my attention kudos my friend make MORE OR I WILL KILL U lol jk OR AM I u have been warned...