Reviews for "Step it up (R)"


well I am russian so I can't understand anything... but It is good!

this is one of the only good rap on newgrounds!

RemixF2D responds:

Thx man! =) Good to get luv from tha east. More fire comin. Stay up!



This was really good, maybe put some reverb on the piano, but very nice!
Loved this song!
Keep up the good work!

Check out some of my stuff!

RemixF2D responds:

Thx man. Not complete yet. The sound is off a bit.. =/ but im hittin the studio tonight..
Gonna get everything in order. =) Kool? Stay up in check this again. tomarrow. it'll be different. Ima check your stuff out now. Thx for the review.



ill nasty..im new to makin music so peep me..i need to learn how make myself sound clean like this..Keep doin u stay up n check me ~1~

RemixF2D responds:

Hell yea i checked your stuff out already. shits fire fam. You got some mad talent.
ima leave some reviews on your stuff. brb. =)


Wazz Cookin

WoW Iv Found some of yalzz old stuff...

RemixF2D responds:

haha. yeah man. this is kinda seasoned. lol.
thx for the rep fam.
Stay motivated!

[KOA] Still Lives.


haha that vtz guy dont know shit, he can make beats but he doesnt know what he's talking about! the volume is pretty good, maybe lower a little bit but this good and the quality of the actually lyrics are good and the rhymes are fresh. i think he was just cocky and wanted to show off his beat. nice job bro!

RemixF2D responds:

HAHA Good stuff. thx man. i agree.