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Reviews for "AirDefence 2!"


After the tutorial, your sight won't move. then you can't see your mouse on the screen. Can't play without mouse.

pretty good...

good game.. gets too easy after getting flag (flak) cannons.. letting the game play itself is boring.. lol ive left it on and did some other stuff... right now: lv 160 w/ $12 mil..
needs more enemies, an "ending".. and, i don't know if anybody else has this problem, it crashes internet explorer if i loose.. starts to lag real bad..

so many bugs.......

cross hair doesnt work,you cant tell if the upgrades do anything,my new things dissapear as soon as the next level xomes and in one level it goes from easy (even with all the bugs) to impossibly hard the next.

fix it

crosshair gets stuck had to give one for interactivity cuz i didnt know where i was shooting.

nice..but needs a lil improvement

graphics-8 bcuz well......i'd say that well it's all lines with the weapons except the missles and well the planes mainly look the same except made bigger

style-10 it's better then MOST defense games most of them only make like STICKS and MIDEVIL or sumthing like that U ACTUALLY MADE A NON-STICK AND MIDEVIL DEFENSE GAME!!!(that goes for every other game

sound- 5 gets annoying

violence- 5 BOOM BOOM not that violent

interactivity- 10 good game my space bar's gonna get worn out though...could we be able to change the controls or....have it a differnt key like...the mouse or ANYTHING BUT THE SPACE BAR IT'S ALL WORN OUT PLZ CHANGE!!! (my space bar is getting stuck)

humor-0 not funny at all

overall-9 GREAT GAME KEEP IMPROVING IT!!! IT'S A AWESOME DEFENSE GAME we just need to be able to change the controls

-on a different note i LOVE this game except that it seems the points are harder to get the higher the lvl....and the more hit points they get and well....they kill me on the 8th or was it 12th lvl.....well anyway i really need u to have the upgrades ACTUALLY WORK....

-(I did the dmg and it didn't do notin and then speed and dmg it didn't do anything then i did speed and dmg and reload speed it didn't do anything and yes i bought those missle guys and cannons)