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Reviews for "AirDefence 2!"

A good game with a lot of issues

First off, like has been stated before, after the tutorial, you cant see your mouse, so you dont know where in blazes you are shooting. I found that if you zoom in, and then back out again, your mouse appears again, but from that point forth, when I tried to see what upgrades did what, the descriptions only appeared for a fraction of a second. Also, if there is a cap on how many vehicles you can make, why is it not stated? I would sit there clicking on the vehicle construct building, and nothing for 30 tries, then all of the sudden it would make one. No, this wasnt due to lack of money. I figured that you made it so you could only buld one additional vehicle per level, but that didnt pan out to be true either. All in all, this game has a lot of potential, and just as many problems at the present. Fix them, please, I hate to see something as good as this be destroyed by silly bugs.

Very good!

Uhh...to all the people who say it isn't hard, try playing medium or hard! Then it gets hard! I think you need to up the base damage a bit. It takes too long to kill the planes with the amount of times that you hit them. In real life, it would only take a maximum of two shots. That being said, they are extremely inaccurate in real life so I would up the starting damage, but lower the starting accuracy. Without any upgrades my accuracy was fairly good. I didn't upgrade it until around level 12.

Otherwise, a great game!


i got to lvl 25 without any trouble.. ididnt even need to use my mouse to attack all i had to do was buy new units and theyd shoot for me... what is the max lvl cause i couldve reached it if i had the patience...ps its not hard

It wasn't too bad...

I mean, it's really pretty fun at first, but then the enemies start coming in too many, too fast, with far too much armor, and then it just gets stupid. I mean seriously. Lots and lots of enemies, I can understand that. But enemies that are so strong that you can't shoot them all down, even though you've been doing a power upgrade every level? That's just lame. You need to throw in some balancing factor, to make it actually possible to survive. Because if 3 Flak Guns, an ECM Jammer, and 10 attack upgrades, a RADAR dish, reload upgrade, and attack speed upgrade can't hold the enemy off at level 11, there's something wrong there.


Very good! Better then the last one and it seems to have been well thought out. Good One!