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Reviews for "Halo 2 Sprite Battles"

Good thought, minor errors

I liked where you where headed with this, but if you spent a little long cleaning it up, it would be nice. Minor touches like some of the lines on the pieces or the flippy issue. But all in all not bad.


I liked what your thinking, and everything you did was fun, but the main reason I didn't like this was when you dropped the piece, it would flip. Please make another of this without the flipping problem.

Mitz responds:

Im on the way to doing it, the menu is much more advanced and it looks like the actual halo 2 in game menu with the same animation =D. Also in thee new version i have fixed the bugs and i am going to put in a lot more sprites with new features ;)

I liked it

interesting consept, use drag and drop sprites and sprite parts (simmilar to a dress-up game) to make situations. The graphics where well detailed, but some of the objects still had some black lines around the cut out from what ever program you made them in, maby you shoudl clean that up if you want to make more games like this. Soundwise was alright (after all its just the main them to Halo) but it wouldve been nice to have the full song and not just a snippit. Once again, great consept :)

that was bad

ok that was alright i guess but it had no point!

dude...... that sucked......

It sucked really bad i mean look at the score u got

Mitz responds:

Shy dont you try creating a game like that, i doubt you would even create a good looking menu, i dont know why people (you) dont also look at the effort put in to the flash as well as quality. Also for my first flash i think that 2.3/5 is good for a buggy game and 5/10 in reviews is good as well.