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Reviews for "Halo 2 Sprite Battles"



dude it was fun

the only problem was the flip thing but that was no biggy cause i could press s right after that ok ill explain my reveiws

graphics-awesome sprites and freakin awesome menu screen but the backgrounds need some help ;)
style-i loved the idea of making your own chief; that was stylish
sound-the song was cool till it stopped, you should have a halo song chooser! =O that would be awesome dude
violence-well if you played it you would know
interactivty-like i said before awesome way of making your own chief
humor-it was funny making chief in dumb poses LOL

overall-awesome scene maker its on my faves =))))


it confused me!!!!!!!!!!!!

whenever i clicked something it would spin and some peices would not move. ..... sorry whoever made it


Sorry but for everyone elses sake don't make anything else like that it wasn't fun really it wasn't i don't know what caused you to make something like that.


there was no aliens and more bulklets but that was pretty good

Mitz responds:

The new version is much better, check it out.