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Reviews for "Halo 2 Sprite Battles"

its alright.

but the sprites like the elites arent there.


dude that was amazing!!! thank you for submitting this... oh yea umm could you send me the sprites cuz im a budding sprite comix maker? ok thex


Good game
<<things to be fixed>>
sometimes the stuff goes behind the body when is not supposed to and other way fixed this and this will be my #1 submission on my fav list

((( VERY NEAT )))

I liked this for one the sprites were very sharp and smooth looking, as for the battles notbad, could use more multipl action scenes though, i was impresssed form the outcome, nice work keep it up...

More action scenes aswell as try and put in diffeent view points...

smooth sprites and even better animation...


i like halo 2 and all but,

that reeked halo 2 kicks but on a scale id rate the gta series a 5 agianst halo series of games also a 5 i like them both there both my favorite game series but, because gta series has more things to it i like sanandreas more then halo 2 but i like halo 2 better than vice city and i like gta 3 more then halo 1 but i like halo 1 more then vice city cuz der is cool multiplayer for free!! any way it never loaded damit!! so you know what go fuck ur self!! and u know what you can do that all you got to do is jerk off moron!! jk any way halo 2 rox so i give u a 6 for overall but insince i never got to play it i have to give u zeros for eveything elce imao montaraso!!