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Reviews for "Halo 2 Sprite Battles"


ill give you an A for effort, though misleading

Mitz responds:

I guess so, someone may think its an actual rpg game


its nice yeah u can put more stuffs

Mitz responds:

They that will be in the second one. Many more sprites and features

I liked it!

It was pretty cool. Unlike many Halo movies.

Mitz responds:


good work

but, fix the bug so it can be better

Mitz responds:

Im gonna do it ASAP

Hooray for Halo2

I really enjoyed this apart from the fact when ever you placed somthing it turned the opposite direction. I also agree with the last submission. By the way can you tell me where you got those sprites from...?

Mitz responds:

Cheers, i will try to fix that error with the flipping. I got the sprits from www.bzpower.com forum

Heres the exact link: