Reviews for "I Close My Eyes"



The piano rlz!

Maybe a little too loud for the melody (or harmony? they're all the same xD)

Still, instead of an 11/10 u'll get a 10/10 :) and a 5/5


C-Enterprise responds:

LoL i'm fine with the 10 thanks ahaha
thank you again for your review and support ;)


The melody, the beat, and the piano are all in perfect harmony. I do not recommend lyrics, unless they are pretty damn good to synch with the epicness! Great job! Hope to listen to more soon!

C-Enterprise responds:

Full version with italian lyrics available in my album free to download on my website ehe
thanks for your props :D

Great job, going straight on my i-pod.

I love the piano part, the beat, the general way it flows. Nice work man, it's beautiful. By any chance, do you have the piano sheet for this? I would LOVE to learn this. :D

C-Enterprise responds:

thanks for the props :)
and i'm sorry but no i don't have the piano sheet since i just play it straight in the beat when i compose :(
but if you know a program for mac that allows to convert midi to piano sheet then i could send it to you ;)


Your probably the best and most consistent artist on here. Most people have one song that goes to number one and then they fade away, but your beats consistently equal or surpass their level. Im surprised you haven't been flooding the top of all time. Its actually quite hard to sum up in words.
Great song as always. 5/5

C-Enterprise responds:

hey thank you very much :D
i'll always try to make my beats better under every aspect
peace man and thanks for 5 and 10 ;)


the intro is nice, i looove the piano. piano + strings is always a great combination for hip hop. you really should add lyrics for this song, it would sound great
with lyrics it would've been a 10, but now it's a 9


C-Enterprise responds:

well the original version is in italian so... lol
if you want to hear the full version be sure to check out my website my whole album is available for free to download.
thanks for your review ;)