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Reviews for "Magnetism 2 Demo"

Very Slow and long...

Little sound and animation went very slow...

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

little sound? Animation? Are you reviwing the right game?

Incredibly attractive! (Sorry for the bad pun.)

I found the whole concept of this game really creative and addictive, and this concept transformed into a unique experience.

Overall, the game has simple graphics, but has a good atmosphere that can generate hours of fun. Some levels get very hard, but that only makes it nice, because the frustration won't stop you.

I'd only improve on the sound. You could add more music. And a good idea would be creating new backgrounds for the levels and creating themed ones (Maybe Water, Volcano, Jungle, you understand) with unique pieces and the regular ones decorated.

I really like this. 9/10, so that you can keep improving in order to make it even better.


it improved 10000000x.....i loved the other one, but this......IS GREAT! 0 humor cuz most of the times is fustrating :D

love hate

love the presime of the game and everythign else, i'm just not good at playing it, but i killed some time with it


This is most addictive game I have played online. Love this game but stuck on level 25. Spent about 15 minutes on it so far and still trying. Hope you make some more levels.