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Reviews for "Elian - Wazzup!!!"

Wow!!!!! kol!!

Men this thingie is just out of the world!!!!! hehehehe i think newgrounds should bring more movies like this ones.KOL ppl dont lose the chance of see this is kol.i also like the fukemons KOL bye

wazzup?? your ass

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I think this a good piece of work right here but its old and im pretty sure not to many people are coming to newgrounds to see the WAZZUP thing and therefore i think this should be blammed its not that i dont like it its just because this kind of stuff is taking up space.


THIS IS FUCKING HILAROUS(isk how to spell it) i gave u a nine.......u said this is the org. rite??


gah, this joke is used so many time's it lost humour...anyways what the fuck is up with the swat team member? like when did that thing happen and why? anyways. i like the music, somebody got to die- Notorious B.I.G., luckily for you i like that song, so i am gonna give you a 9.10. and a 5