Reviews for "Elian - Wazzup!!!"

The best of the wazzups

This was the coolest too bad it made other people make some shitty ones

Funny Shit!

I was laughing my ass off when I saw this- wish it had a loader though- that kinda sucked- but I especially liked when they called Castro... lol...

Ha ha...

Funny! this was the original Wazzup spoof to appear on newgrounds and has basically won a pace in my heart. many other wazzups are Ok, I guess, but they can't comapre to this. Other wazzups have bad graphics or, for some reason, not really funny. However, with this combination of Elian and wazzup, it somehow makes me give it an excellent score.

Hell yeah

u one raw motha fuckin movie

Believe it or not, I never saw the real commercial

Just like in real life, it's little Elian that stirs up a controversy, except this time, it's not a custody battle, it's a lame trend. Ah well, a great idea when it was first conceived.