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Reviews for "Elian - Wazzup!!!"

When Enough Is Enough

This was the first portal entry I ever saw... and liked. Back then, it was in the top 10. Now it keeps getting lower on the list, and eventually, it will be off of the Top 100. Why? Well, the Wazzup thing got out of hand. Now everyone hates them, so likely, this excellent entry is suffering.

And it shouldn't be!

Best and First

still the best and only wassup worth watching


I remember back when this was first submitted and was it the PTA that forced it off of Newgrounds? But it was brought back and there was a big contraversy over the issue, but that was history that seems no one remembers. This wazzup flash will forever be funny because it was an original and after about 10 month since I last saw it, I thought I'd check it out again, and it still gave me a little chuckle. It deserves another five.


anyone making an osama wazzup?


what u talking bout this being a parody that is what actually happened it the cop was just thier neighbor