Reviews for "Elian - Wazzup!!!"

True, True

This was the first one, and it's also the best.


this is the best wazzup movie on NG. this is so damn funny. All my friends loved this when I showed it to them. Exelent job!!!!

Hehehehehe.... :-)

Oh man, this was funny, first there was Freiza, and he blew away everything, then Goku came in and everyone was all takin fast and sayin weird things hehehehe...oh wait, that was DBZ in a nutshell, my bad.


ololololololol ahhhh.. that's better anyway this is kool ive cen it many times and its very funny lol.


What the hell? UltraGhost dosen't know what the fuck he's talking about. This was the FIRST "wazzap" parody to hit the net (that I know of, and I have no life besides my comp!) I still laugh my ass off when I watch this!