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Reviews for "Elian - Wazzup!!!"


This is the funniest shit i've ever seen, i piss my pants everytime I see it!

Not that funny

This movie was a lot more hyped than it actualy is. Doesnt really matter if it seen or not, not a must see. Graphics or adecuate and the sound just from TV. Although the Idead is sorta weird not worth the download if your one of those 56kers (cough cough get a better modem cough cough) but just check it out if you have a fast speed modem.

Ha ha...

Funny! this was the original Wazzup spoof to appear on newgrounds and has basically won a pace in my heart. many other wazzups are Ok, I guess, but they can't comapre to this. Other wazzups have bad graphics or, for some reason, not really funny. However, with this combination of Elian and wazzup, it somehow makes me give it an excellent score.


I remember back when this was first submitted and was it the PTA that forced it off of Newgrounds? But it was brought back and there was a big contraversy over the issue, but that was history that seems no one remembers. This wazzup flash will forever be funny because it was an original and after about 10 month since I last saw it, I thought I'd check it out again, and it still gave me a little chuckle. It deserves another five.

Listen, my friend...

Wassup movies aren't funny anymore. SO STOP DOING THEM, NOW
<anarchy twins>

seanbonner responds:

No you listen, mr smartypants, guess you didn't bother to notice when this clip was made didja? Or else you would have seen that it isn't some new clip, it was the first one...