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Reviews for "Elian - Wazzup!!!"

The trendsetter.

Delightfullly creative and original work for its time! The graphics may not be all that, but this was so funny and inventive when it first came out. Quite the trendsetter - the impetus for dozens of copycat wazzup movies. Good work!

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Cilleros, you dumbass, it was MADE two years ago, so it was FUNNY when it was MADE.

Oh No!!!

This was funny like two years ago. And Elian Gonzales? Come on. This toons old hat and needs to be scrapped immediately.

I gave it a 6 as opposed to 5since it's the 1st

The wassup thing wasn't even that funny to begin with tho'

I mean, it's the 1st parody I've seen, but not even a faint smirk emerged from my lips.

Ultimately, it just boiled down to my sense of humour.

I remember that..

I remember when this was new.
I did not know this was the first to start the Whuzzup thang.