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Reviews for "Elian - Wazzup!!!"


In a word: F***ing random and hilarious.

11 years later I did research on this...

Elian Gonzoles that is. I have seen this guy everywhere back in the day and never understood what it was. I was only 9 or so.

But yeah still the Wazzup parody gets a good chuckle out of me I guess. That said good job and all I spose despite no originality in this.

Still funny!

Obviously made when the "Whazzup!" phrase became popular. This one is still funny after all these years. It's also very nostalgic. Sometimes, I wish I could return to the time this was first released. Things were so simple back then. I miss the good ol' days. Anyway, great flash! I liked the editing of the mouth movements. It was well done!


got deleted once and is back but his name is close to boner u notice that? nice work with the pics and getting this back up.

if you vote anything but 10

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