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Reviews for "Elian - Wazzup!!!"


Although it was the first Wazzup parody on Newgrounds, the thing wasn't that funny in the first place. The photos were edited well enough, and the sound was ok. I just didn't find it that funny...

the mouths were eddited well and the sound quality wasnt bad either
it made me lol

Definitely vintage...

It's like my freshman in high school self is reborn.

A classic!

I've shocked myself giving this a ten seeing as it's got fairly minimal animation and is really just a collection of jpegs set to a commercial. But this is the origianl Wazzup parody! Before everything else came along and ran it into the ground (and the Bud commercials themselves ran it into the ground) this was the movie that came along and took a massive news story at the time (with a fairly iconic picture) and turned it into a hilarious movie.

Congrats on the originality on display here, and for creating such a legendary parody!