Reviews for "Elian - Wazzup!!!"

I remember this video from way back in the day. 5 Stars for the sake of nostalgia.

I never really did care for this whole "Wazzup" meme. I didn't even really like the original commercial! It really is amazing how this fad died off. I never heard it at all anymore. I don't know what Elian Gonzalez has to do with this. I do love how you reference 2000 stuff.

It's always nice to take a look back at history. I remember when this happened. Sadly, I didn't see this back when it was really relevant. At least it's faithful to the commercial. It was never for me.


First wazzup parody on newgrounds. I'll have to say out of all the wazzup parodies on newgrounds this one is my least favorite. The edited photos were good for its time. Usually I would rate wazzup parodies low like 0-2 but this one has a charm never to be matched. I'll give it 3 stars. In future improve on your audio and humor.