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Reviews for "Elian - Wazzup!!!"


this is the original thats sweet they did that wassup on the office lol

Still awesome to me...but

u know about issue on those pics from AP, ya so i will just for 9, but still awesome :D

so funny

THis movie is hullarious!!!

(i relly have to go #1)


it could have been funny, but the pictures ruined it! in the big picture it was just disturbing!


the good:
i think this is hilarious. the whole thing is so random and the voice over is so misplaced in this picture that one can't help but to laugh.

the bad:
well, it's just this one picture...

the ugly:
as i said: it's just this one picture but i think it's more than enough. any more and i would die laughing! :D great!