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Reviews for "Yoshi's Island 3 (VGDC)"

I'm such an asshole

After seeing ROTMK, I see this flash could have been better animated. It was good, but compared to your best work, meh. I have SO much room to talk!!! J/k. But yeah, it was a great flash

Very good.

anyone can make a sprite movie but not as good as that. 10/10 and all my votes go to it!

i like the title screen

if u click on yoshi at the title screen he with devour that lil frog! i love the part where yoshi hired a stripper with all the coins he got! then he put a coin in his mouth. haha good job man hope to see more

Eat fish

Yoshi's cool.

I got no life *sigh*


I must do thing like this, favorited and 10/10,
ill do something like this , this is an inspiration for me lol =D