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Reviews for "Yoshi's Island 3 (VGDC)"


I still liked the previous ones better, but this is good.

My favorite was the "get rich trying" one, espically since it is a lost fact that Birdo is indeed a male. In the Super Mario Brother's 2 original instruction book for the NES Birdo is described as a boy who thinks he is a girl.


Love the frog.... yes I know he died ^^ And Mario..... He needs to die... or atleast get hammered ^^;;; All in all a wonderful flash. I love how you stuck to the classic video game style.

Funny but i liked episode 2

Dont get me wrong Randy is my favorite flash artist. I just didnt think it was that funny or atleast as funny as 1 or 2. First of all i thought they were to short which isnt nessisarly a bad things i just think some of them couldve been longer like the fuzzyball one. and the one with the stairs wasnt realy funny atall. Also how come mario never died. Thats kind of like the trade mark of this series. This is a prety funny flash and if you liked the first 2 youll probubly like this one but u might just be a litle disapointed.

Ain't talkin' bout lOOove

There are some errors... I think...
The cursor hide under the logo on the top of the screen when you pass on(under) it.
Some sounds hurt when wearing a headphone.
Otherwise, that was a cute humor, the type you show to your girlfriend...
Oh and I like the firsts Van Halens


Spactacular graphics, sound, and humor makes this one of the best clips that I've seen thus far. I loved "Touch Fuzzy, Get Wasted." It was halarious, and I must've spent half my life playing this game. Yoshi's Island had great graphics, being created in the latter half of the SNES era, and I didn't expect any better from this one. If I had to give out the trophy on the best well-rounded movie, I'd say this one won.

Good show.