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Reviews for "Yoshi's Island 3 (VGDC)"


That was one of the best submissions ive seen alld ay i mean i dont know whats better the music didnt go into an annoying endless loop it was really funny (i liked touch fuzzy-get wasted) and overall hillarious... specially the last one with baby mario and yoshi with their handshake overall id give it a 9.7/10


that was super!

Thought it was great!

I found it to be funny as hell, although it took me a sec to realize what happened right after Yoshi touched the 'fuzzy', maybe some color distortion would've really made it more clear.

I loved the 3rd scene, especially the end!


This was fricken awesome i loved it!

I expected better from u randy

I loved the sound as always it was great jus like the mario games, but it was a bit short and not as funny as you have been in the past!

very good but not in the calibre of rise of the mushroom kingdom!