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Reviews for "Yoshi's Island 3 (VGDC)"

this gooooood!!!

hey man this was really good even for mario shit and all man i am impressed you should really make some more of these things!!!!!

keep up the good work!


Well. Some parts were fun, but not that great humor... Pixelated graphics are bad anyway. okay tho..

short is sweet

Now thats excellent humor! whos cares if they might be short, if it's good it doesn't matter that much if it's short!
The violence is low only because its not really violence. So a plant(?) ate a few monkeys and gave gold out. IT'S FUNNY!!!!
I'm done. Great work!


for the first time bsby mario didnt died but... man it was a really surpries that baby mario see stripties...lol...
well any way i like it really much
(this dosent have sents with the movie but in your site could you say if its going to be a RMK5?) thx


that was halarious! i cant belive he made that movie its incredible! i think this is one of the best movies ive rated, i mean really whoever doesent like this movie is either gay or retarded, or both....