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Reviews for "Yoshi's Island 3 (VGDC)"

tsk tsk...

The movies that VGDC has been producing as of late are lacking that usual appeal that Randy set up with some of his other classics. It was once a rare miss to see such an average movie, but I don't know anymore. Sorry Randy...


Hey! Another cool flash by Randy! Nice one! I liked all the Yoshis Island flash movies, but this one beats all. Again, nice flash! I look forward to seeing another one of your flash movies. By the way, I know I cant say this here, but will you make a ROTMK 5? I dont think so, but just in case...

Halarious as useual.

I love all of your flashes. They all rule. Best yoshi's island so far. That third short was awsome!

Once agian good job

I looooooooooooove you!

Randy does it again!

This was a great movie. I like that YI game myself you know. I hope you have a great time on your next project.