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Reviews for "Yoshi's Island 3 (VGDC)"

the best in the series

Yoshi was so stupid in the wall scene and mario throws an egg at the cloud and he's like dumbass, #1 was funny to yoshi's like don't touch fuzzy and the other yoshi's are like yeah we've been smoking that and 3 was ok but you should of made more than 3 you've had 3 years to make more than 3

Good job

All of those were funny as hell, but you should have made more thatn three.

yay best one yet.rule the day

i think u are a very smart guy.really!!!!yoshi striper bar ha gieunes

lol the best one yet

lol the yoshi stipper bar was pure genius

Another great flash.

for those to lazy to go to randys home page heres a hint
(u have to click on something on the play screen)