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Reviews for "Yoshi's Island 3 (VGDC)"

Liked it

my favorite was num. 2. Why did yoshi run away embarassed? The only person there was baby mario. And he won't remember ne thing.

very nice

very nice this gotta have a 10 loved the part when yoshi goes see stripers haha..
looking forward for good videos like this one.


Every selection you take is a big fat piece of awesome!!! I loved the part were Yoshi goes to the strip club. I would be honored and very very happy if you made more of these. They are awesome!!!! WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

i like the title screen

if u click on yoshi at the title screen he with devour that lil frog! i love the part where yoshi hired a stripper with all the coins he got! then he put a coin in his mouth. haha good job man hope to see more


This was a funny episdoe. I liked Number One the most. It was very funny how when Yoshi touched one of those fuzzies and got all drunk then he told his friend's not to touch them and they all did and got tanked. Very good well made flash.