Reviews for "Every Sperm is Sacred"

lol, god that was sick

that was funny, a bit nasty though....oh well

Didn't watch it but...

There are only a few parts of that movie I remember, and one of the parts was when the Catholic family children were singing "every sperm is sacred, every sperm is gooood..." and thats all I remember. And the guy who chose his own death, and he chose to be ran off a cliff because like 60 naked ladies were chasing him. That was funny.

And thats the meaning of life!

Great job, awsome video for that sketch.
Was pretty sick tho, which is in the good spirt of Mounty Python.

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Nice flash but weird as hell

wtf on so many lvl's

wow tat was possibly the most disturbing yet enlighntening thing on Ng in some time GJ

MrKikkeli responds:

that's kinda what I wanted to achieve so thanks !