Reviews for "Every Sperm is Sacred"

Well done.

The Monty Python crew were deeply sarcastic of religious teachings when they wrote this song and i don't feel that you managed to convey their ideas fully, but a great effort all the same.

For all the people who actually do believe that every sperm is sacred I would like to ask them if, since all the sperm cells in an ejaculation die spare one (and even then only sometimes), are the unused sperm cells also sacred and if so wouldn't the woman be a mass murderer every time she has sex?


Great job on the graphics and sound. I also love that movie. Im interested in seeing what else you might have in store for us.


My god, that was hilarious! Great animation to compliment the sound. Props galore.
I wonder, though, does stamping on a dick count as violence? ;)

MrKikkeli responds:

ask your friend to stomp on yours if you wanna find out.

Well now

If The monty python team saw that, you would get a medal :P It is just wonderfull


i like god part and love this talks about caring for different country.