Reviews for "Every Sperm is Sacred"

Alright, I can die happy now.

I've been waiting for someone to make that cartoon. The song just screamed MAKE ME, and I was just to lazy to do it myself.


That was freakin hilarious it's about time so one made a flash in tribute to that monty python song lmao

One of the best Monty Python flash videos

That was one of the best Monty Python's Flying Circus' flashes ive ever seen in a long time. I'm a great fan of Monty Python, and you created a perfect video for "every sperm is sacred".

Continue making flashes of monty python skits and songs, and i'll make sure to vote as high as possible.


oh wow, that was the most beatiful thinig ive seen in a long time!! *cries*

It is Beautiful!!!

That is so funny... and the art work makes you want to laugh no stop. i havent seen the meaning of life yet but i really want to soon...all because of this cartoon.....soi am claping for you .....-CLAP- -CLAP-

MrKikkeli responds:

the more you clap, the less you fap! Keep up the good work, son !