Reviews for "Every Sperm is Sacred"

Hehe nice.

"I'm gunna have to sell the whole lot of you for scientific experiments. All because the catholic church wouldn't let me wear one of those little rubber things on the end of my cock."

You did this excelently.

As to a previous review, There are three monty python movies; the holy grail, the life of brian and the meaning of life. The flying circus and live at the holywood bowl are both a series of sketches. the flying circus was also the name of the television series.


I can’t believe what I just watched. That was the fucking funniest thing I have ever seen


lol the altar boy was suckin the preist

I knew that this was from a Monty movie!

Yeah, Meaning of Life is a bit strange... like the part where everybody is in sex ed.... Well, I don't think the foot thing was in there... wasn't that in Flying Circus? Oh, cross between the two Monty's... I get it now... Were those FEMALE penis'? Because that's just a "little" strange... :D I give you a 10 out of 10! (By the way, you should do more stuff with Monty... You do it really well...)

MrKikkeli responds:

I'd rather do more stuff with your hot sister, and I'd do it really well.

i used to be an active mormon

and i still am inclined to "spill mine just anywhere." penises with tits!!! that's one helluva imagination you've got. just for future reference, and this is not meant as a criticism because i don't care either way but just in case you are ever concerned about theological accuracy, a mormon wouldn't be holding a book with a cross on the cover. they leave the cross symbology to the catholics... more accurate on his book would be an icon of the angel Moroni... but i don't assume you know what that is and it's not like you're going to edit your flash and change it so I'll shut up now, anyway good job i liked it a lot

MrKikkeli responds:

thanks for the precision. There's not a lot of mormons where I live, so I just assumed they were into the New Testament and reverse gangbangs. I have personal interests in theology so I might search more info about this later.

But you're right, I am not editing my flash, this cross just looks so great where it stands.

And any angel whose name sounds so much like "moron" doesn't deserve to be mentioned anywhere.