Reviews for "Every Sperm is Sacred"


Now that is funny!


Pretty good. Kinda unusual but its creative o.o

=O wtf

you made a picture from MOHAMED !!!!!
made me cry but other people will get pissed off
but I think in the US you will be saved in Germany i would get
a lot of trouble

Could've been better

It was a funny concept and all but to be honest, the delivery wasn't all too good. It's just... a world of singing penises that go on for an eternity. There's so much cock that it looses it's humor after the first minute or so. And the tap dancing was nearly unbearable with how much it dragged. Still, I have to applaud you for how much effort you put into it and just hope that you can learn to be a little more simple and sweet.


Big fan of Monty Pyhton forever! This is my favorite song by them, and I've never seen anyone do anything with it that even comes close to it's greatness. Fucking hilarious, the stained glass, the tap dancing penis, the infamous serial killer of movies with a chainsaw penis. I loved it. Keep up the good work!